Build Sites & Web Apps Without Limitations!

Imagine being free of the restrictions of a server. The space available, computing power, system crashes, security vulnerabilities, etc. Decentralized computing at scale will end it all and birth a new era of possibilities for you to deliver to your clients and insights and automation for your teams like never before!

Deliver AI tools to the masses, create gaming experiences with 100s of thousands of players in the same session, use AI to analyze and optimize traffic systems and power grids, gain greater insights on consumer behavior in your enterprise in greater detail than ever though imaginable.

With BDaaSWorx, your only limit to create experiences and or leverage data is your imagination. So prepare, to now step into the next generation of computing.

Benefits Of BDX


Podcasting operational change management workflows to establish.


Flip The Script On Hackers With A Blockchain That Is Easier To Defend Than Hack!


Fastest Loading Speeds Imaginable All Being Delivered At The Lowest Latency Ever Experienced On Earth!


Reduce costs to a fraction of our competitors charge you by paying only for what you use when you use it instead of dedicated servers costing you during downtime hours


Gaming/ VR

Imagine entire virtual universes. Vast and wildly expansive! Play first person shooters?

Imagine 100,000+ players in the same battle 100 sq miles in size, using planes, tanks, submarines etc all at once in the same session! The BDX Blockchain makes this possible!

Big Data ( BDaaS)

Are you a medical network, energy company, Government or entity dealing with MILLIONS of lines of data every day?

BDX not only enables you transparency on your massive data points in real time but also enables you to build AI powered systems to power automations and insights based on your data.

Video Conferencing/Streaming

Looking to deliver 8k video quality?

Or have a video conference with 100,000+ people engaged? While speaking different language and it’s all being translated in real time?

This and more is possible with BDX powered datacenters!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Can reach true potential through blockchain data processing. Lightning fast loading & virtually limitless processing power and will allow you to build even the most complex AI functions thought possible!

Machine Learning

Execute machine learning from almost infinite datapoints faster than anywhere on earth.

Leverage machine learning with Big Data and AI to automatically identify inefficiencies in your business and leverage that data with AI to organize solutions to optimize the business, decrease your bottom line and even drive more revenue!