Who Are We?

BDaaSWorx is the cutting-edge in decentralized data processing. Our technology is leading the way in the next generation of the internet known as Web3.

Currently, the global data market is projected to grow by 500% in the next three years. This is in addition to rapidly growing high-volume data markets like VR/Metaverse, AI, 3D videos, cloud gaming, BDaaS, etc. These technologies have performance requirements that simply aren’t being met in today’s market. This has left a void in the market waiting for the next “BDaaS“ innovation in processing power.

BDaaSWorx anticipated this void even three years ago when it decided to begin recruiting some of the most talented data scientists in the world to help find flaws in processing systems and launch a new approach to data processing algorithms. What was produced from this effort are performance levels that exceed all standards necessary to provide stability to even the world’s most complicated data demands.

What is…BDaaS & DaaS?

All online sites and sessions require computation, and at an alarmingly increasing rate. Sessions like visiting websites, gaming, looking at stock market updates, ecommerce app usage etc. Companies compensate data centers to conduct these computations in the form of various digital currencies and assets.

The exchange of compensation for high-volume data computation and or storage is referred to as DaaS or data as a service while BDaaS offers analysis of large or complex data sets through cloud hosted services to help businesses handle what the IT world calls big data, or sophisticated aggregated data sets that provide a lot of value for today’s companies.

Who Do We Compute For?