Revolutionizing Data Processing Through Decentralization

More Power, Speed And Security Than Ever Thought Possible. Trust Your Data With The Leader In Decentralized Data Processing And Storage.

Who is BDX

BDX has cracked the code to truly decentralizing Web3 systems and technology. By taking servers and decentralizing and fusing their performance efforts and the data stored into a blockchain, we have been able to virtually eliminate session interruptions, expand session experiences to seemingly infinite potential, deliver unprecedented power and broken the wall of hardware limitations to give developers free range to design applications to the limits of their imagination.

Our Enterprise Services



  • Video Gaming
  • Metaverse Development and Hosting
  • Medical and Education

AI/Machine Learning

  • ANI
  • AGI
  • ASI

web3 Infrastructure

  • Decentralized web services
  • Blockchain Development

Big Data

  • ETL/ELT data pipelines
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • Data and pipeline migration

Management Services

  • Hosting
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Conatent and Data Streaming

Industry Specialization

  • Virtual Reality
  • Medical
  • Energy

Building real-world AI solutions at big data scale

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings with it a promise of genuine human-to-machine interaction. With AI, acticipate your businesses needs based on market/consumer trends faster than ever. Gain insights and draw conclusions to capitalize on your data like never before.

Earn With BDX

With the BDX Power Program you can own part of BDaaSWorx’s Web3 infrastructure. Our chipsets earn rewards that can be exchanged into a variety of crypto and fiat currencies. By owning hardware that powers our decentralized Web3 technology you can benefit from the lightning fast adoption of technologies like AI, VR, Web3, etc being powered by BDX! Not only that but we back our BDX Power Program with a 24-Month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Client Spotlight


For April of 2023 we are proud to showcase SKALE! The SKALE network is an Ethereum native multichain network of high-performance blockchains. The network is open-source and is built to scale Ethereum dApps. The Network enables dApp developers to access validator-operated nodes' compute power and storage to run fast, containerized, EVM-compatible SKALE Chains.

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